Volunteer Board » 2019-2020

If you are interested in serving on the board or would like to find out about specific job details, please talk to any one of our current board members or contact info@kwpomba.ca.
To contact a board member see the beginning of their email addresses below. All emails are @kwpomba.ca.

President: VACANT - Interim Filled by Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn email: president@  
Vice President: Brianna Flynn email: vicepresident@  
Treasurer: Lena Wilson email: treasurer@  
Secretary: Krista Matthews email: secretary@  
Director of Events: Stephanie Robinson email: directorofevents@ email: events@
Event Coordinators: Jennifer Doran email: eventcoordinators@
Director of Publicity: Tanya Pirkl email: directorofpublicity@  
Sale Coordinators: Joanne Ackford
Alicia Lepoudre
OPENING for our Sale Coordinator and vendor coordinator.
email: vendors@
email: sale@
email: salevolunteers@
email: salecoordinators@
Website Manager: Julie Holm email: webmanager@  
Director of PeerHealth: Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn email: directorofpeerhealth@ email: peerhealth@
Peer Health Coordinators: Venassa Purdy
Jil Mangel
Aleah Wagner
email: peerhealthcoordinators@
email: vanessa@
email: jil@
email: aleah@